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When it works, the doors of opportunity open for you. When it doesn't, a great and qualified physiotherapist misses out on his/her dream job because they didn’t deliver an effective resume.

I've seen good PTs settle for a job they really didn't want, because no other good offers were presented to them. They ended up working their tail off, while being taken advantage of and earning no recognition. They had high hopes when they graduated, only for them to be crushed becauase they couldn't write a killer resume that stood out to lock down their #1 choice.

Your resume is the primary sales tool for landing the PT job and pay you want

The right resume impacts the job you get and the amount of money you earn. I’ve helped PTs land a 6-figure job just by helping them with their resume. Your resume is your ticket to the life, income, and recognition you’ve always wanted.

With a killer resume, clinic owners, like me, will chase you and offer you all the special perks to get you to work with them. I’ve given away BIG signing bonuses, paid for gas, above-average education allowances, and a host of other great perks to get them to work for me.

You can have these same perks even when you’re straight out of school and have little to no experience as a new grad.

When you know how to create a killer resume, you’ll always be in demand and pick and choose who you want to work for.

In fact, creating a kick-ass resume is quite easy once you understand the qualities and skills clinic owners look for. You don’t need any special writing skills to do it, just the right advice!

In fact, you only have 10 seconds to catch the clinic owners attention before they move on to the next resume. The average business gets 50+ resumes. Being a star student does not have any guarantees. The clinic owner likely won’t be aware. You need to know what clinic owners want to see in your resume that make you stand out from everyone else.

How do you stand above the rest and land the job you want fast?

Why Should You Listen To Me?

There I was 24 years old and graduating from PT school. Ready to find a job fast so I could start paying off my student debt. I had a few job prospects but wasn't sure if I'd get any because many other PTs were fighting for the same job.

I had no idea how to stand apart from everyone else and land the job I really wanted. They don't teach this in PT school. I didn't want to accept any job like some of my classmates did.

They were stuck working their tail off at a clinic for very little pay... but they thought: "hey it's all I could get when I have no experience."

I wasn’t going to accept that … I wanted a good paying job, with mentorship and a good team culture. So, I sat down to write my resume.

Thought to myself how do I begin? What should be in the first section? Should I include summer jobs and volunteer work? What about a cover letter?

How can I confidently talk about myself when I have zero work experience?

I was stuck.

Since then I've mentored over 250+ students and new grads on how to be successful in practice. And hired close to 100 PTs in my various management roles. I also consult with many clinic owners and managers across the country on their recruitment and development strategies.

So I know what needs to be in your resume to stand above everyone else and land the job you want that pays you very well.

You see, clinic owners look for more than just education, work experience, volunteer work, and how many continuing education courses you completed. They have piles of resumes with the same credentials as you. They’re looking for specific skills and attributes that will fill a gap in their business and an individual that will fit their team culture.

They will scan through your resume in 10 seconds or less and decide if they want to continue reading.

Does your resume catch their eye in the first 10 seconds and keep them reading?

Do you know what should be in the first sentence to grab their attention?

What should be in the first paragraph to keep them interested?

What is a winning format?

What should you say at the end to get the interview?

Your resume is basically an ad to sell them on hiring you. Most PTs just use a free template from word. They send out the same boring resume that lists a bunch of experiences. Nothing unique about them from everyone else who applies and nothing about what they can do for the clinic owner. Their resume just gets dismissed or worse, put through the shredder.

That’s where my PT Resume Critique Booster can help.

  • ✓ I’ll critique your resume. I'll tell you what's good about it and what works, what doesn't work, what needs to be changed... and how.

    ✓ My critique covers strategy, offer, and format. It also includes specific directions for revisions and rewriting.

    ✓ I'll also tell you what type of skills or experiences you need to add to your resume to really stand out in the pile.

    ✓ I’ll help you eliminate mistakes and strengthen your resume to land the job you want with greater confidence.

The Resume Critique Booster is ideal for PTs who want a "second opinion" before sending it out or who want to inject new ideas to strengthen their resume to land their #1 job choice. Or for PTs who were not successful landing the job they dreamed of and want to know why.


Here’s Stories of PTs I’ve Helped

 Brittany Vandyken 

 PT Student 


As a Physiotherapy student, I had the privilege to mentor and learn under Darryl both in placement and research activities. Darryl's mentorship and support helped shape me into the professional I am today - not only does he provide clinical and biomechanical knowledge, but he teaches the skills many mentors don't, such as "soft skills" -empathy and client rapport, business and financial skills, negotiation and performance metrics. As a new graduate, I am a more well-rounded and have increased confidence in my skills because of Darryl's ongoing teaching and support.

 Amberly Horton 

 Clinic Manager 


I believe the mentorship Darryl provided was invaluable and has accelerated my professional intelligence significantly, especially as a new PT grad. He guided me on how to best manage a caseload and critically navigate and solve complex issues with patients and colleagues. He taught me how to critically evaluate key performance metrics and use it as a reflection tool to better both my professional and clinical practice. I also learned how to apply these performance scores to earn me more money following my performance review. This mentorship experience has allowed me to understand and maximize my earning potential as a PT. Thank you Darryl for such an elite experience!

 Philip Genesis 

 Clinic Owner 


Darryl  had a tremendous impact on my development as a clinician and leader. Darryl mentored me as new grad physiotherapist five years ago and he has coached me ever since. As a young PT, Darryl designed a mentorship program that built my confidence, competence, and caseload. He was always available for leadership coaching 24/7. Under his wing, I progressed to becoming a Clinic Director within my first year of practice, served on the CPA Private Practice Division Executive, and most recently took the plunge into the greatly rewarding experience of clinic ownership. I owe a huge part of my professional success to Darryl and am grateful to have met him.

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Darryl Yardley, PT, FCAMPT

PS. For the people that scroll down to the bottom like I do. To sum it up: I’ll critique your resume where I'll tell you what's good about it and what works, what doesn't work, what needs to be changed... and how.

Also, I’ll help you avoid the mistakes I’ve seen from looking through hundreds of resumes. Plus, you’ll get FREE bonuses ($200 value) when you get started to today.

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